About Us

We are also growers. We know your business and we care as well!

Founded in 2014, Rio Bravo Packing & Logistics LLC was the solution that our sister company, Marengo Foods Company LLC needed for its warehousing and logistic needs in McAllen, TX.

Now in 2022, after gaining major customers, and after major expansions we take pride in being the most technologically advanced produce warehouse in South Texas. Located only 2.9 miles away from the Pharr port of entry, we offer multiple services like Cross-dock, In/Out, Repack, Re-cooling, Ripening, Truck wash and Free overnight parking, among others.


We are a business that is constantly evolving. Ultimately, we understand that the industry is gearing more and more towards minimizing downtimes from drivers, as well as measuring and digitalizing every step of the supply chain to streamline operations as much as possible, as well as having real time monitoring capabilities and backup documentation at the touch of a finger.

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