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We receive and store your product until it’s sold, and keep clear and precise records from receiving through shipping, as well as inventory management on your system.

Case Picking

Depalletizing and Repalletizing of products in lesser quantities than a full pallet.

Cross-dock / Consolidation

Receiving of goods from multiple sources to consolidate a shipment on the same day.

Local pickups / Consolidation

We pick up pallets at different warehouses in the area and consolidate them into a single outbound shipment, so the truck just has to manage a single pick-up.


It’s the process of converting from one type of packaging to another, or the selection of quality, weight, color, size, or any other attribute. We keep standard materials in stock, such as pallets, straps, corner boards, and RPCs.

Packing Material Storage

We can have a rental container kept in our paved parking lot with reserved packaging materials for future repacks.


It’s a process in which the ripeness level of certain products can be accelerated, should it be required.


It’s a process in which full pallets are bagged in a controlled atmosphere, which delays aging and extends shelf life.

Drop trailer program

It’s a process by which a carrier can drop empty trailer boxes for them to be loaded throughout the day. Once loaded, the carrier is notified, and they send their driver to pick up the loaded box, even after hours. This way, their driver doesn’t have to waste any time waiting to be loaded.